Division Coordinator Responsibilities

The role of Division Coordinator is to oversee the math meets and to ensure the contests at each host site follow the rules of MML. Due to the turnovers in advisors each year, we need a system that will assure consistency for all mathletes and advisors, regardless of the location of the meet. Please note the manner in which an appeal should be handled.

Division Coordinators should:

  • Be knowledgeable of all MML rules at the start of the season, especially any changes. Announce MML PENALTIES as they apply to calculator usage and cellphones at the beginning of each meet.

  • At the beginning of each meet, collect a score sheet from each advisor. Forms must be typed or printed neatly (ink or sharpie, but not pencil). Read them carefully for legibility of student names and for the number of seniors (maximum of four) and juniors (total of seniors and juniors not to exceed eight).

  • Have your cell phone with you at each meet. If questions arise during the meet, you may contact the contest director Dick Olson @ 603-479-1604 ONLY while at the meet. If you are unable to contact the contest director, and you have decided with the other advisors in your division to change an error or to accept an answer not on the answer key, you must fill out an appeal form. Keep this form for future reference. E-mail the Contest Director and MML President and inform them of your appeal within 24 hours of the meet. Contact information is on the appeals form.

  • After each meet, keep the students contest answer sheets and return these to each advisor at the next meet. Further checking/tallying of student contest sheets may be necessary after an appeal process is complete. The Contest Director will notify you within 24 hours after an appeal with his decision.

  • At the end of each meet, fax the team score sheets and the division score sheet to the Chief Statistician (617-500-0979) and mail the originals in the envelope provided within 24 hours of the meet.

    Canton High School
    Mathematics Department
    Michael Curry
    900 Washington Street
    Canton, MA 02021

If you have made changes to a mathlete’s score after an appeal process, e-mail the Chief Statistician (Michael Curry) with those changes as soon as possible.