Proctoring Responsibilities


  • None are allowed in any rounds


  • NO cell phones, pagers, beepers, iPods, or any such electronic devices are allowed in the testing area. If a student is caught will a cell phone, that school will forfeit the round.


  • No student should write anything until you say so. Students should begin with all pencils down.

  • Pass out scrap paper to each student.

  • Pass out the question sheet to each student face down and tell them to print their NAME, GRADE, and SCHOOL clearly on the back of the question sheet. In addition, if that student is an alternate for that round they must write the word ALTERNATE.

  • No other writing may be put on the paper at this time.

  • When all students are ready, you can have them turn their paper over and BEGIN.

  • Each category (Rounds 1 - 6) is 10 minutes long and the TEAM Round is 12 minutes long. You are to give the students a TWO-MINUTE WARNING and a FIFTEEN SECOND WARNING (30 SECOND WARNING for TEAM Round).

  • When time is up say “ALL PENCILS DOWN AND PAPERS UP.” Then collect all papers from the students.


  • Host school should make some type of announcement regarding the consequences of cheating, use of calculators or cell phones during the contest.

  • While proctoring, be aware of student dishonesty/cheating. Walk around the room. Make sure students keep papers flat on the desk in front of them. Watch for anyone leaning forward or sitting back in their seats. Make sure nobody is writing after time is up.


  • A student will receive a zero for that round if caught writing after time is called.

  • A student will receive a zero for the meet if caught cheating.

  • If a student is caught will a cell phone, that school will forfeit the round.