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Updated: February 14, 2018 - 9:29pm. Please visit this site often for updates.

Contest Information/Rules:

  1. A team will consist of 15 members.

  2. All team members must have been in the 12th grade or lower during the school year ending in the year the NYSML meet takes place.

  3. Please see the document titled Some Mathematical Ideas Whose Understanding Will Be Assumed For This Contest for a complete description of the concepts that are assumed for the NYSML and ARML competitions. Changes have been made in recent years.

  4. Calculators will not be allowed on any part of the NYSML contest. Why is NYSML not allowing calculators? The problem committee felt that allowing calculators with symbolic algebraic capabilities was making it increasingly difficult to write challenging algebra and geometry questions that students could reasonably approach during the team round. In addition, we worried about disparities between different teams' level of equipment.

  5. There will be five Individual Rounds for a total of ten individual problems.

  6. Points are awarded as follows.

    • Individual Rounds: The Individual Rounds consists of five rounds, each with two questions. One point is awarded for each question answered correctly for a total of 10 points possible per person and 150 points possible per team.

    • Team Round: The Team Round consists of ten questions. Each correct answer is awarded five points for a total of fifty possible points per team.

    • Power Round: The Power Round is worth fifty points.

    • Relay Rounds: A correct answer submitted in three minutes will be awarded five points, a correct answer submitted in six minutes will be awarded three points. Thus, there are twenty five points possible per team for Relay 1 and twenty five points possible per team for Relay 2.

  7. If a team arrives at the meet with fewer than 15 members, they can participate as a team. During the Relay Round the team would form as many complete three person teams as possible. If a team is short one member then one of the students will be given question number one and the other student will be given questions two and three. If they are short two members then the single member will receive all three questions. Should these abbreviated teams have the correct answer they will get credit for it.

  8. Should a pre-registered student arrive late for any reason, he/she may join the team on which they are registered during the next official break in the meet. (Between the Team and Power rounds, before the beginning of any Individual round, before the beginning of either Relay round.)

  9. The use of “borrowed” students is allowed as long as it is in the spirit of enhancing a particular student's experience at NYSML. There will be no "poaching" of students in order to gain an advantage over one or more teams.

  10. Use of a dictionary in book form will be allowed for participants whose first language is not English. Electronic dictionaries or translators are not allowed.

  11. Use of a visual aid such as a magnifying glass is allowed for participants with a visual handicap. These must be inspected prior to the beginning of the Team round by the Team proctor. If any question arises as to the legitimacy of the device, the NYSML President will have the final word.

  12. During the Individual round there is to be absolutely no communication between students once the questions are handed out.

  13. Once seated, Relay groups will remain unchanged until the end of regular competition.

  14. Teams can ONLY submit exactly one solution to the Power Question. If additional solutions are submitted, then all solutions will be corrected and the team will be assessed the lowest score obtained.

  15. Cell phones and electronic devices must be turned off during all competition and award events. If a cell phone or electronic device is used during the competition, then that student's team will be disqualified from that round. Proctors will collect cell phones before the Team/Power Rounds and will return them at the end of the Power Round.

  16. Students are expected to obey the above rules. They are also expected to respect the property of the University, NYSML, and their respective teams. Failure to comply can lead to deletion of those students’ scores for the round or disqualification of those involved for the entire competition. If deemed serious enough, a student may be removed from the premises by a coach, parent, or guardian.